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Big Data and Health is in the spotlight!

Science for All Talks has started with the theme of “Big Data and Health”.

Big Data is surrounding our life since a while. Computers, cell phones, tablets, even our air conditioners are constantly producing data. The important thing is being able to analyse this data to produce meaningful and applicable information.

Who are the well-developed Big Data companies? What are they working on? What is the value of big data in our daily life? What kind of changes does it bring to health sector? Big Data and Health Talk has brought you the answers. 

Questions on twitter and Periscope livestream

You have asked your questions about Big Data and Health through Twitter with the hashtag #herkesicinbilim. We have collected them all and asked our speaker on behalf of you. You have also watched the talk live through Periscope on Twitter and listened to the answers to your questions.

Our live stream on Periscope started at 19.00. For future streams just go to app store, download Periscope on your mobile or tablet and follow trBritish.

TV Broadcast

SkyTürk 360 TV channel recorded the talk Big Data and Health and it was broadcast on TV on 10 May Sunday at 20:00 on Skytürk 360 TV.

Did you know?

  • In 2014 more than 2.5 centirillion byte data was produced on earth every day
  • According to IDC statistics, the amount of data we can access to in 2020 will be 44 times higher than in 2009.
  • Data processed on Twitter in a single day is almost 7 terabyte.

Watch the recording of the Big Data and Health Talk

About the speaker

Professor Peter Bath, Professor of Health Informatics, University of Sheffield, UK

Prof Bath has been interested in information science and health informatics for 23 years. His interest in these areas developed at the end of his first degree in Applied Biology, when he came to Sheffield to study for his MSc in Information Studies in the then Department of Information Studies. He was appointed Research Fellow (1994-1996), then Lecturer (1996-2000), in Information Science in the Sheffield Institute for Studies on Ageing (SISA) at the University of Sheffield. In 2000, he was appointed Lecturer in Health Informatics to set up the new MSc in Health Informatics programme and became Head of the Health Informatics Research Group. He was appointed Professor of Health Informatics in the Information School in 2013.

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