Technical Assistance Projects
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The British Council is committed to building engagement and trust through the exchange of knowledge and ideas between people around the world. One way that we do this is by organising client-funded technical assistance projects.

In Turkey, we are re-entering the technical assistance field through European Union funded projects. Our focus in Turkey is in the areas of education, vocational education, skills development and employability, social inclusion, public administration reform and civil society development. These are the areas where we have strong local knowledge and global expertise, and we feel that we can make a real impact in Turkey.

What We Do

Within the technical assistance projects, we provide:

  • projects and programme design
  • project management
  • capacity building
  • strategy development
  • design and implementation of monitoring and evaluation systems
  • feasibility studies and needs analyses
  • human resources development

Please find below an overview of British Council’s fields of specialisation and an outline of some of some British Council global projects:

Education reform

We support initiatives to enhance access to and improve the quality of primary, secondary and higher education. Our projects include:

  • South West Basic Education Project, China
  • Support to Education Sector, Eritrea Management, Administration and Planning Capacity Development Design Study, Ethiopia
  • Education Sector Support Programme, Nigeria
  • Basic Education Programme in Kabupaten Teluk Bintuni, West Papua Indonesia Releasing Potential in Iraqi Schools, Iraq
  • Improving the Quality of Education, Iraq

Technical and vocational education and training

We support the development of skills that are required for economic and social regeneration. Working with international partners, we identify the principles underlying effective systems and international best practices so we can help lay the foundations for learning environments appropriate to national circumstances. Our projects include:

  • Skills for Employability programme
  • Improving the Quality of Education in Iraq
  • Vocational Education and Training (VET) Reform and Pilot Implementation in Azerbaijan
  • Supporting the Reform of the Educational System in Eritrea

Social development

We encourage skills development and knowledge sharing to promote equality and inclusion. We work with organisations advancing the right of potentially excluded groups to contribute to decisions affecting them, and to obtain access to services and employment. We focus on aspects of diversity such as gender, race, age and disability. Our projects include: 

  • Pyoe Pin, Burma
  • Economic Empowerment of the Poorest (SHIREE), Bangladesh
  • EU China Social Security Reform Co-operation Programme
  • Role of Women in Economic Life

Public administration reform

We support the strengthening of public administration and service delivery, based on principles of good governance. We work with partners in national and local government. Our expertise ranges from streamlining government departments to developing leadership skills. Our projects include:

  • European Union Co-operation project (EUCOP), Ukraine
  • Managing at the Top II, Bangladesh
  • “Speak European” – European Integration Scholarship, Serbia
  • Strengthening the National Institute of Administration and regional training centres’ capacity for developing a corps of professional civil servant, Romania
  • Support to the Civil Service Reform Programme, Croatia
  • Africa Capacity Building Initiative (ACBI), Sierra Leone, Rwanda, Zambia, Liberia and Ethiopia

Training management

We manage scholarship programmes and training contracts. We support training needs analyses, the design of training solutions and training delivery, with formal courses, in-service training, workshops, seminars and study visits. Our training management is ISO 9002 accredited.

For information about the technical assistance projects we pursue in Turkey and other questions, please contact us.