New Connections in English Medium Education (EME) - Turkey Research Partnership Fund aims to improve the learning and teaching of English in higher education institutions in Turkey through the production and dissemination of innovative research in key areas identified by the British Council’s baseline study ‘The State of English in Higher Education in Turkey’.

The fund has the following objectives: 

  • To create new links between EME research institutes in the UK, Turkey, and other EME hubs (EU, MENA and possibly East Asia)
  • An improvement in quality and quantity of joint UK-Turkey research on EME
  • New partnerships between the UK’s and Turkey’s higher education institutions (HEIs), professionals and policy makers
  • Improved access of English language teachers (ELT), EMI policy makers and professionals to high quality and relevant research from the UK to inform policy and planning. 

You can find collaborating institutions below:

Turkey Higher Education Institutions UK Higher Education Institutions
Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University University of Sheffield
Çukurova University University of Southampton
Kocaeli University University of Bath
Yeditepe University University of Oxford

We are pleased to announce that all teams have successfully completed their projects. The final report is available in which you can find all four research projects together and can be able to download through the link below. 

You can find vital insights into teaching and learning of English at tertiary level by the valuable data collected from the field. Lead researchers and their teams from both Turkey and the UK have focused on following contents:

Improving English Education in Turkish Tourism Faculties Under Supervision of British Language Experts leaded by Assoc. Prof. Tülay Güzel and Will Nash

The research analyses three Turkish tourism faculties and determines the current situation, deficiencies and issues in English teaching and identifies ways to improve teaching strategies and provide recommendations with the help of British language experts.

Classroom Discourse in EMI Courses in Turkey: On the Dynamics of Translanguaging Practices leaded by Prof. Yasemin Kırkgöz and Dr. Sonia Moran Panero

The research seeks to examine translanguaging practices, their pedagogical functions and how they are adopted by the EMI students and lecturers from different departments at two state universities in Turkey. 

A Discipline-based Investigation of English Language Proficiency, Linguistic Challenges, and Academic Success of Students in Turkish EMI Setting leaded by Prof. Doğan Yüksel and Dr. Samantha Curle

The research focuses on EMI students’ language related challenges in seven universities from seven different regions of Turkey and offers policy-based suggestions and discipline-based implications for students, teachers and administrators.

Quality of Instruction and Student Outcomes in English-medium Programs in Turkey leaded by Prof. Rıfat Kamaşak and Assoc. Prof. Heath Rose

The research provides several recommendations to improve the quality of EMI education in Turkey by examining the effects of EMI on content learning, language learning and EMI teaching.