On 9 December 2020, the English Together Project was officially launched in partnership with the Ministry of National Education, Teacher Training and Development General Directorate and the Sabancı Foundation. The inception of the project goes back to October 2018 when the Ministry reached out to the British Council. As part of Turkey’s Education Vision 2023 agenda, the Ministry was focussing on improving the teaching and learning of foreign languages.

This model puts over 80,000 state school teachers at the centre of the project. For two years the British Council and the Ministry have worked on creating a continuing professional development model which would be sustainable and suitable to the local context in Turkey. Extensive discussions took place with Ministry leaders, teachers, academics, and external consultants, to ensure all stakeholders could contribute to the design of the project. Following the completion of the pilot phase carried out in Ankara, the Sabancı Foundation joined this partnership to further support the nationwide expansion of the project to all regions in Turkey.