What we do

We work with the best of UK arts to make a positive contribution to the cultural and creative sector in Turkey. We create opportunities, build connections and engender trust, making a lasting difference to the security, prosperity and influence of the UK. To achieve this, our programme will span five key pillars:

Sharing UK arts – introducing audiences in Turkey to the best of UK culture and innovation while creating new opportunities for artists and organisations to work internationally. We will also support reciprocal work into the UK.

Fostering collaboration and networks - supporting creative people to collaborate and experiment with new ideas and developing sustainable ways of working for long-term prosperity.

Arts for social change - extending safe spaces for culture, creative exploration and exchange; building trust, enabling dialogue and presenting marginalised voices; and supporting the protection of cultural heritage and expression of cultural identities.

Capacity building - strengthening the arts sector in Turkey by developing its capacity to innovate, reach new audiences and develop skills.

Policy and research - shaping cultural policy and sharing research with the cultural sector in the UK and Turkey.

Text on light blue background reads 'Museum Wihtout Walls' accompanied by two icons: laptop and networking

Museum without Walls - Online Exhibition Platform

Initiated for the first time in 2017, British Council Turkey's Arts team has offered a curated visual art exhibition out of the British Council Collection, a museum without walls in a virtual space which can be accessed by anyone having an internet connection.  Bringing together works of 113 artists from the British Council Collection as well as international artists, the platform has so far hosted five successful exhibitions and received prestigious awards including Golden Spider Awards, Webbys Awards, Felis Awards and International Design and Communication Awards.