Competition for high school students

2015 have been determined as the UK – Turkey Year of Science and Innovation that will be driven by multiple collaborative projects that will support mobility, partnerships and collaboration between UK and Turkey. This initiative was supported with various activities initiated by the government institutions, research councils, innovation centres and non-government agencies of both countries throughout the year. 

One of the main objectives of "UK- Turkey Year of Science and Innovation"  year which will end in April 2016, was strengthen research collaboration and raise public awareness and curiosity about science and innovation with the aim of inspiring next generation school students to choose STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) subjects for their university education. The final digital campaign developed with this purpose is “Thirsty for Science” competition. The target group of this competition is high school students and it is developed to raise awareness about the essential role of water in our lives and underline the importance of water sustainability.  There was a prize draw in the UK among the participants who have  provided ten correct responses.