Social Enterprise Research 3

The research began in October 2018 and comprises of the following methodology:

Literature review 

Desk-based research focusing on the review of existing reports, studies, articles and other background data regarding the social enterprise ecosystem at the local, national and global levels.

Consultation meetings

Meetings in Ankara and Istanbul with key stakeholders from social enterprises, public sector, private sector, universities, NGOs and international organisations.

Online survey

An online survey disseminated to social enterprises.

Semi-structured interviews

40 interviews with social enterprises and other stakeholders from 12 cities: Ankara, Istanbul, Izmir, Adana, Antalya, Bursa, Canakkale, Diyarbakir, Kocaeli, Mersin, Mugla and Van.

Focus groups

12 focus groups in three cities (Ankara, Istanbul and Izmir) with social enterprises, policy makers, intermediaries, and funders.

One-to-one advisory meetings

Meetings with eight experts within and across the boundaries of different sectors and disciplines that are closely related to the research subject. 

Roundtable meetings

Two roundtable meetings in Ankara and Istanbul with key stakeholders to share the findings of the research and to receive their feedback before the research report is finalised.