FEED-In Partnership Programme
FEED-In Partnership Programme image

Our FEED-In Partnership Programme aims to develop partnerships between further and higher education institutions in the UK and Turkey to develop the entrepreneurial skills of students of fashion and textile design and related disciplines.

The British Council provided seed funding for the successful partnership projects to design a joint programme for skills development of young entrepreneurs and fashion and textile design students from both countries.

From ver eleven Turkish and seven UK partner applications, two joint project proposals were selected for the FEED-In Partnership Programme. The successful projects will be implemented in the 2014-2015 Period.

Project I

Partners: De Montfort University (UK) and Izmir University of Economics (Turkey)

The project aims to engage with and benefit from the expertise of the fashion and textile bodies and agencies, industry and partner organisations in both countries. The team are organising a competition open to students in both universities whereby students will create a range design suitable for a nominated fashion retailer.  The project is supported by Izmir Chamber of Commerce and key industry contacts are Aegean Clothing Manufacturers Association and Aegean Exporters Association.

Project II

Partners: University of Northampton (UK) and Istanbul Kemerburgaz University (Turkey)

The University of Northampton and Istanbul Kemerburgaz University are implementing the project by organising two workshops and a symposium both in the UK and Turkey. There will be involvement from Istanbul ITKIP- Istanbul Textile Apparel Exporters and the subject will be the design innovation process, incorporating leather rand footwear design.