UK Skills Seminar Series

Bringing together expert speakers from some of the UK’s leading educational institutions, these Seminars combine lectures, workshops, discussions and visits to educational organisations and employers to provide an invaluable insight into the UK skills system.

Who should attend?

The Seminars will benefit senior government officials, policy and decision makers, employers and employer organisations, donor agency representatives and senior education staff.

To book a place, please send an e mail to or contact British Council Turkey office.

For further information please visit our website.

Seminar Series

From developing occupational standards to qualifications and national qualification frameworks

 23 –27th June 2014, Scotland

This Seminar will be delivered in partnership with the Scottish Qualifications Authority – Scotland’s national awarding and accreditation organisation with over 100 years’ experience.

The Seminar has been designed to develop delegates’ understanding of the processes and tools involved in developing employer-led occupational standards, qualifications based on these standards and the mechanisms for validating qualifications to qualification frameworks. It will also explore how training providers develop programmes that lead to accredited qualifications.

Quality assurance in technical education and skills

22 – 26 September 2014, London

This seminar focuses on quality assurance in technical education and skills and will provide delegates with useful models for the comparison and review of their own national systems. Delegates will have the opportunity to meet with leading UK experts through presentations and facilitated workshops, and visit colleges and businesses to see how quality assurance operates in different learning environments.

There will be excellent opportunities to network with decision and policy makers from around the world with an interest in quality assurance and improvement of learning provision. 

Careers education and guidance for a global economy

20 – 24 October 2014, Belfast

This Seminar will provide delegates with an insight into policy and practice across the UK in the field of careers education and guidance, with a particular focus on the system in Northern Ireland who will be hosting the event.

Delegates will have the opportunity to meet the senior policy makers and implementers of careers education and guidance system in Northern Ireland and the other UK countries who will share their current practice and plans for future development. Delegates will also have the opportunity to visit schools, technical colleges and careers centres to see fi rst-hand how services are delivered. 

A guide to UK Sector Skills Councils and organisations

3 – 4 December 2014, London Technical Workshop 

Sector Skills Councils (SSCs) are independent, employer-led, UK–wide organisations originally set up to be the authoritative voice for employers in individual industry sectors.

This technical workshop will explore the model for UK SSCs and a wider range of sector skills organisations and help delegates understand the key principles of these unique employer led organisations. It will provide an overview of the formation, governance, licensing, performance and funding arrangements, and showcase the work of successful UK SSCs.

The UK’s National Skills Strategy: the policy, tools and mechanisms the UK has used to transform its TVET system

12 –15 January 2015, Cardiff

This Seminar will help delegates understand the political, economic and social drivers for reform of the UK’s demand-led technical education and skills system, and provide an overview of the main organisations involved.

It will combine workshops and briefings from key UK organisations and agencies, and visits to relevant organisations. It will also provide excellent opportunities to network with delegates from around the world who will have expertise and an interest in system reform.