How would you describe İskele47?

It is a semi-public space where friends or neighbours are welcome to engage. There is no one running the space, no strictly-defined managers therefore there is no clear registration system. Inside İskele47, there are currently 4 companies and 5 NGO’s and freelancers. All companies and NGO’s are mainly focused on creative experiences. Core members of iskele47 is around 10-15 people, the first close circle has around 40 people who come regularly every month not including visitors. 

Could you describe a day at İskele47?

Early in the morning, people working downstairs start showing up; sometime around noon, the space upstairs opens its doors and the traffic gradually increases. Throughout the day, you see lots of meetings and projects that take place simultaneously. Since the space is directly accessible from the street, passers-by also stop by. During evening hours, it generally gets quieter downstairs however upstairs, it get even busier. At night İskele47 is calmer but people still keep creating and\or having fun till early morning hours.  

What has been your highlight at İskele47?

We cherish the fact that it is agile and production-focused. It is a pure joy to see people, focused only on production, share a co-working space in a city where marketing and PR are overrated. Moreover, İskele47 is engaged not only with the street and the city but also other countries, which keeps the entire endeavour more vibrant. We conduct large-scale commercial initiatives, social projects, training events and art projects and are pleased to see that the priority we give to each varies from time to time.

What would you want to change in the space\ecosystem?         

İskele47 is in fact a space, which could potentially have many versions; so it would be nice to have similar spaces around.  

What excites you most about the future? 

The ideas, projects and products that we will create by focusing on the “here and now” shape the future in a way. İskele47 has been expanding and developing since the day it was established as a spontaneous enterprise, both in terms of its participants and the qualities of the projects created. Therefore we plan to maintain this structure as it is.