Creative Producers is a professional development opportunity for emerging producers in Wider Europe; Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Turkey and Western Balkans. 

The programme is focused on develop skills and capacity, build new networks and contribute to co-production and dissemination of professional and artistic good practices across the Wider Europe and the UK. 

The programme consisted of:

  • a two-week online programme to design a creative project and idea, clearly communicating what it is, practical delivery considerations around where, when and how it will happen and crucially who it is for,
  • partial financial support and mentoring to selected project ideas for implementation and dissemination


Please note that this is not a music industry production or a film industry production opportunity - though creative producers may work in both music and film. Creative producers are understood as the driving force in a creative project that sits at the meeting point of practical logistics and creative process in artistic and cultural events, exhibitions, festivals and projects.


ANIM.IST (Istanbul Animation Platform) aims, in the short and in the long run, to build a culturally and economically rich and productive ground for animation in Türkiye. ANIM.IST supports one of the greatest art forms of all time: Comic books!

ANIM.IST is launching a competition open to 16+, for new, and emerging comic book artists who try to find a way to get their work published and need mentorship and visibility. As the award of the competition, seven selected works will be printed as a comic album publication, and each artist will receive a prize and necessary tools. The revenue from the sales of the comic album will be shared with the artists through a signed contract.

Manga, anime and a fairly recent extravaganza webtoon are becoming more inclusive with female lead characters and female content creators. They are extremely popular amongst young generation. We want to support inclusiveness and diversity amongst storytellers, stories, mentors and judges. The judges for this competition are diverse as new, emerging and established comic book artist, academics, publishers, both men and women. Please check the details and project calendar on our website:



Dramaqueer Media aims to reach new art practices, producers/productions who cannot find a place in the mainstream media, and art buyers who are in search of alternative artistic productions in the changing and digitalizing world. The platform will consist of cinema, theater, original productions, music, e-magazine and virtual exhibitions. Dramaqueer Media initiates a digital platform to share new creations of Dramaqueer productions as well as showcase an archive of previously broadcasted films, performances, tv series and music which have a queer perspective.


Kültürhane, a cultural hub in Mersin, carries out a capacity building program that aims to improve the video production knowledge and skills of her team members, within the scope of Creative Producers Program. The group will then produce a documentary on the graveyard of the city where people from different religions and cultures lay side by side revealing the memory and hope for a peaceful and multicultural co-living.


PAINTelling is an interdisciplinary digital art form which brings storytelling feature of theatre and painting together. This new experimental form goes beyond the boundaries of classical form of theatre and painting and explores the possibilities of digital theatre. Accordingly, the creative team take scenes in paintings as the final moments of occurring acts and develop stories around the question of ‘What is the act in the painting?’. In this way, audio plays lead the audience to the final scene by presenting stories of each character from their own perspectives. Audio plays aim to create a unique experience of digital theatre, accessible on the project’s website by just clicking on paintings.

About Curated Place

Creative Producers programme will be facilitated by Curated Place.

Curated Place is an arts-led creative production company specialising in international public programmes, large scale public installations, original commissions, artist development, music strategy, event and sustainable production delivery.