Creative Hubs and Communities

A creative hub is a place, either physical or virtual, which brings creative people together. It is a convenor, providing space and support for networking, business development and community engagement within the creative, cultural and tech sectors. 

We bring together the people from these hubs to build stronger creative economies through sharing ideas, experiences and skills.

European Creative Hubs Network

European Creative Hubs Network was a two year project led by the British Council in partnership with 6 European creative hubs – Bios in Greece, Addict in Portugal, betahaus in Germany, Nova Iskra in Serbia, Creative Edinburgh in UK and Factoria Cultural in Spain – and the European Business and Innovation Network. The project was co-funded by the European Commission. 

We supported the participation of six creative hub professionals from Turkey to the European Creative Hubs Forums in Belgrade, Athens, Sheffield and Brussels to contribute to encourage networking and collaboration between hubs across Europe.

‘European Creative Hubs Network proved the power of connectedness. Bringing an inspirational network of creative hub professionals together not just provided inspiration to broaden our outlook, but also exchange of knowledge and experience resulted in new partnerships and programmes.  We are now looking forward to building on the success of ECHN together with the new ECHN leadership team.’ Atılım Şahin, Community and Prototyping Lab Lead, ATÖLYE.

‘British Council not just supported Originn’s participation to European Creative Hubs Network, but also offered enriching opportunities to help us strengthen our international connections. Through the forums, we exchanged knowledge and experience and met with inspirational creative hub professionals. For such a new concept for Izmir and even Turkey, meeting so many new people and finding out about new hub models broaden our vision for Originn. As a result of the peer to peer programme, we have observed new income and business models, which we have already applied at Originn.’ Esra Gönen, Co-Founder, ORIGINN.

Building Creative Communities

Building Creative Communities brought together founders and members from over 40 creative hubs across Turkey and the UK.  The event’s talks, workshops, case studies and networking opportunities explored several topics to accelerate future success and sustainability among creative hubs in Turkey.

Photo albums from day 1 and day 2

Creative Hubs Exchange Programme

Creative Hubs Exchange programme brought together creative hub founders or innovators  to create new connections and opportunities by learning from each other and sharing information on their different business models, community ethos, values, stories and projects. 

Three Turkey based hubs had the opportunity to exchange new ideas for programming, community building and knowledge sharing for one week at one of the following UK creative hubs:

  • Istasyon, TED University Centre for Social Innovation and The FuseBox 
  • Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Creative Industries Research and Implication Centre and The Studio Loughborough University  
  • PACE Children’s Art Centre and Impact Hub Birmingham

Istanbul Creative Hubs Mapping

In September 2017, British Council and ATÖLYE presented the mapping of Istanbul’s creative hubs as well as thought pieces, interviews and resources to raise awareness about the potential impact of creative hubs and encourage future partnerships. 

Implemented through Graph Commons platform, the mapping highlighted the presence and potential interaction between creative hubs, while offering a wealth of resources to inform, inspire and stimulate interest.

Check out the Istanbul Creative Hubs Mapping