The British Council has 20 years’ experience working in the creative economy, connecting ideas and experience from the UK with partner countries to co-create activities that develop policy, improve infrastructure, empower local creative talent and increase greater international understanding. 

Drawing up on the findings of a Training Needs Assessment conducted in 2021 across the Wider Europe region, we teamed up with Cultural Associates Oxford to develop an online learning programme for policymakers working in the creative economy. 

Supporting the Creative Economy: a programme for policymakers is an immersive self-taught online course for policymakers in Wider Europe who work in local, regional and central government. It will build civil servants’ understanding of the creative economy, providing insights, case studies, and practical knowledge to inform their policy development work.  The programme will give policymakers new ideas and tools to support the creative and cultural industries in their city/region/country, as well as extending their professional networks with the UK and internationally.    

The key themes that the course will cover include: creative sector synergies with other sectors, data collection and measurement, new skills for workforce and enterprise development, business models, creative hubs and networks, intellectual property, advocacy and lobbying, cultural diversity and audience development, and creativity as a national brand or competitive advantage. 

The inaugural programme will run for ten weeks between 7 March and 15 May 2022 and will be by invitation only through local, regional and national governmental institutions. For more information, please contact