AltCity Istanbul

Developed by the British Council and focusing on the uses of creative technology in different cultures, the AltCity project visited Istanbul in collaboration with Digi.logue after Sao Paolo, Mexico City and Bogotá. Aiming to be a catalyst for improving the awareness of digital art for artists in Turkey, and their ability to make and collaborate on digital art projects for now and the future, AltCity Istanbul brought together 12 artists from across disciplines. Produced by Quays Culture, the program’s artistic direction was undertaken by Squidsoup.

After a two-week residency as part of the AltCity Istanbul, held at Sky Lounge at Zorlu Performing Arts Center between October 23 and November 5, the 12 artists brought their experiences together to make new explorations outside the existing lines. Creating artworks out of the trace of interaction between technology and physical objects and various disciplines, the exhibition 'Across the Line' presented new methods on the use of creative technologies.

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