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What is Researcher Links Workshop Grant?

Researcher Links Workshops provide financial support to bring together a UK/partner country bilateral cohort of early career researchers to take part in a workshop focusing on building links for future collaboration and enhancing the researchers’ career opportunities.

Who can propose a workshop?

Leading Researchers should apply to be workshop coordinators and propose a theme for the workshop.

According to the European Commission Director General for Research and Innovation, Leading Researchers are identified in 2 levels:

R3 Level Established Researchers – Researchers who have developed a level of independence

R4 Level Leading Researcher –  Researchers leading their research area or field

Who can take part in the workshops?

Early career researchers  based in the UK or Turkey

  • ‘Early career researchers’ who have been awarded their PhD within 10 years of applying for the Travel Grant
  • Researchers who do not hold a PhD, but have research experience equivalent to a PhD holder and work in a field where a PhD is not a pre-requisite for established research activity

Learn more about 2014-2015 Researcher Links Workshop Grants

Previous Workshops

Download an overview of the 2013-2014 workshops.

How to apply

For further information and to apply, please visit the Researcher Links website.

The deadline for applications is the 9 June2014.

If you have any questions about the programme, please contact our Education department