Based on the geographical rollout plan the project has several phases. At the start of each phase the Ministry of National Education put out an official call for applications for Master Mentor (MMT) and Master Mentor (MT) training programmes, including specifications on minimum English level requirements. The teachers who apply to take part in the Master Mentor or Mentor training are invited to take the APTIS test. Based on the APTIS results and interviews teachers are enrolled to the appropriate training programme. 

The teachers who have successfully completed the Master Mentor Training or Mentor Training are supported to create their own Professional Learning Communities (PLCs). The process of creating the Professional Learning Communities is led by the project management team at the Ministry of National Education. The project management team reach out to all lower secondary school teachers in the selected provinces and connect interested English language teachers with the Master Mentor Trainers and Mentor Trainers in their own districts. 

All teachers taking part are set up in their own Professional Learning Community groups on the Ministry’s Learning Management System through which they can take part in the digital Professional Learning Community meetings, access resources and share best practice from their Professional Learning Community and classrooms.

Quotes from teachers

‘I am really proud of being a member of this project. Whenever I try to take ideas into action in my classes, I can see the light in the eyes of my students. That’s why I surely know I am on the right path. Such a big inspiration.’

Nermin Çelik- Yunus Emre İmam Hatip Secondary School, Ankara Mentor Teacher

‘We came up with new ideas to motivate our students. Working collaboratively creates an encouraging atmosphere for us. This project makes unique contributions to our professional development.’

Melike Değirmenci- Şehit Hasan Ünver İmam Hatip Secondary School, Ankara, Mentor Teacher

‘My typical English class turned into something magical where I have implemented innovative activities using technologies and approached as a facilitator. So, my students have the opportunity to communicate and collaborate with their peers in real-life situations and also make use of technological tools such as social media blogs and Mobile Apps. They are able to communicate with students from all around the world, which is required for the 21st century learning.’

Reyhan Fatma Güneş- Çankaya Tevfik İleri Secondary School, Ankara, Mentor Teacher and Head of English Language Teachers in Ankara

‘Professional Learning Communities (PLC) are the hubs where all participants come together and share their experiences and the word ‘share’ defines everything. I certainly make use of these PLC communities, gathering all this know-how from different regions and schools is truly an asset for the participants involved in the Continuing Professional Development Programme.’

Armağan Taştan- Lalahan Serdar Tosun Secondary School, Ankara, Master Mentor Trainer

‘Thanks to this programme offered by the Ministry of National Education and the British Council, I feel much better and qualified now because I am well equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge as an English language teacher. Besides, my students are happier with more engaging, effective and communicative activities.’

Bilge Eski- Ayten Şaban Diri Secondary School, Ankara, Master Mentor Trainer

‘I feel lucky to be a part of this project. What I have learned from this experience has created a positive learning environment for my students. They are more motivated and willing to join the activities than before.’

Gülseren Zengin Dindar- Ülkü Ahmet Durusoy Secondary School, Ankara Mentor Teacher

‘Thanks to this programme, I am more aware of what differentiation is and my attitude towards my students has developed in a positive way. The trainings supported me in developing an inclusive approach in my classes and supported in becoming a more confident teacher when dealing with learners with special education needs.’

Salih Zeki Yılmaz- Prof.Dr. Mehmet Sağlam Secondary School, Ankara, Mentor Teacher

‘I realized that learning by experience is a more effective way of learning than being told about the subject. I’ll give my students the opportunity to learn in the same way.’

Ebru Betül Çaylak- Şair Zihni Secondary School, Ankara, Mentor Teacher

‘This project is shedding light on us to become more productive and innovative in our classroom. It also inspires us to renew our teaching techniques and to refresh our minds about creativity.’

Gökçin Kahraman- Dr. Nurettin- Beyhan Elbir Secondary School, Ankara, Mentor Teacher

‘All these activities are the best motivation I have ever had in my MoNE teaching career. I feel like I’m doing something useful for my profession and I feel valued as an English teacher.’

Ayşe Hande Günaydın- Ahi Evran Secondary School, Ankara, Mentor Teacher

‘Being one of the first participants of this programme, I consider myself as one of the vanguards and this makes me feel privileged. This programme provided me with more profound insight and enriched my teaching abilities by granting me useful and efficient tools to be used in the classroom.’

Hasan Ali Bayındır- Gülen Muharrem Pakoğlu Secondary School, Ankara Mentor Teacher

‘This project boosts my creativity and motivation during my teaching process because my students are more engaging and eager to participate in the lessons. Now they have more opportunities to be active and productive in their learning experience than before.’

Sevilay Çalışkanoğlu- Kahramankazan Şehit Ömer Takdemir Secondary School, Ankara, Master Mentor Trainer

‘Extracurricular activities update my learners in aspects of teaching that promote more active and participative learning, make use of dialogue, feedback and reflection and utilize a greater variety of methods and media.’

Can Erdoğan- Pursaklar Feride Bekçioğlu Secondary School, Ankara Master Mentor Trainer

‘Thanks to this project, I have started to keep in my mind that the key to the success in teaching is to focus on goals and objectives, not obstacles and excuses.’

Özlem Gök Çatal- Şehit Musa Özalkan İmam Hatip Secondary School, Ankara, Master Mentor Trainer

‘I won’t forget the reaction of my students when the break time bell rang while they were doing their first extracurricular activity (karaoke): “We don’t need to take a break, can we keep doing the activity, please?” For me, that explains their need for having time to interact with English in a fun and relaxing atmosphere.’

Gülseren Çınar Bulut- Kahramankazan Şehit Ömer Takdemir Secondary School, Ankara Master Mentor Trainer

‘I had a great joy in meeting with my colleagues, talking about new teaching techniques, sharing new ideas and trying to find solutions to common problems. It is a great idea for people working in the same region to come together, experience this and reflect on their teaching once a month.’

Müzeyyen Ulaş Yavuz- Erzurumlu İbrahim Hakkı Secondary School, Ankara, Master Mentor Trainer