Yenidenbiz General Secretary Öznur Akçin and WOW İstanbul Advisory Board Member and YADA Foundation Research Director Rümeysa Çamdereli were the guests of the eighth programme, which broadcasted on Açık Radio (94.9)  on Monday, 17 August at 14.00. Akçin and Çamdereli looked at the current condition of the social enterprises which are initiated and run by women managers in Turkey at this time of pandemic and talked about the impact of social entrepreneurship on women empowerment and employment.

In the image a young woman is smiling looking at the screen. Her hair is blonde, wavy and at neckline. She wears a black sleeveless blouse. On the wall behind the woman, there is a black and white photograph of the city.

Rümeysa Çamdereli - WOW İstanbul Advisory Board Member and YADA Foundation Research Director

Rümeysa Çamdereli identifies herself as a ‘Muslim feminist’. She is one of the founding editors of Reçel Blog and one of the founders of Havle Women's Association, which has recently been established to represent feminist Muslim women. She also works as a project specialist and research director at the YADA Foundation. She has recently graduated from Istanbul University Women's Studies Master Program with her thesis ’Women in Performing Arts: The Case of Devout Muslim Women. Receiving her BA at Boğaziçi University’s Computer Engineering Department in 2013, Çamdereli had spent her university years working at the Folk Dance Community as a performer, producer and a sound engineer, also composing soundtracks for theatre productions. Between 2008 and 2014, she took part in Kardeş Türküler's concerts in Harbiye Concert Hall as well as in others. She loves making short films and documentary music. She still plays with her band and performs with her solo program consisting of her own compositions and covers. 

Öznur Akçin - Yenidenbiz General Secretary

Öznur Akçin started her career at Kelebek Furniture after graduating from Istanbul University, Business Administration in 1998. Having an important role in supply chain functions, Akçin continued her career at Karaca Yapı in 2003. She started working in Polin Group companies in 2004 and She played a critical managerial role in the conglomeration of the company, setting the strategies, as well as at the research, development and finance. Öznur Akçin, who is the mother of two daughters, took a professional break as she wanted to spend more time with her children in their early ages. With her will to continue learning even during her professional break, she pursued a BA degree on Sociology and attended the Plant Breeding certificate program to form the basis of her idea of entrepreneurship. Her experience of volunteer work at this period enabled her to pursue an administrative career at NGOs of the third sector.  She was the Project Director of the social entrepreneurship education program for university students, which is a grant project of Bogazici University Business People Alumni Association. Married and mother of two, Öznur Akçin still works as the Secretary General of YenidenBiz Association.