In the image, a woman in her 30s is looking to the right in a dark environment, telling something. The woman's hair is straight and black at shoulder level. He has a leather jacket with an open front and a white blouse inside.

Clinical psychologist and disability rights activist Dr. Beyza Ünal and Accessible Film Festival Director Ezgi Yalınalp are going to be the guests of the seventh programme, which will be broadcasted on Açık Radio (94.9)  on Monday, 3 August at 14.00. Ünal and Yalınalp, will be looking at accessibility in Turkey with a gender lens and discuss the dis-abled women facing multiple discrimination and role of arts and culture for accessibility.

In the picture, a woman in her 30s smiles looking at the screen. The woman has straight brown hair collected from behind. He has a blue rope around his neck and a light pink shirt on it. There are empty blue seats behind the woman.

Ezgi Yalınalp - Director of Accessible Film Festival


Ezgi Yalınalp graduated from Hacettepe University, where she earned her Bachelor's Degree in Sociology. She received her Master’s Degree in Radio-Television and Cinema from Ankara University with her thesis focused on ‘Cyberpunk Films’. After working as a Programmer at Far East Film Festival, she worked as the Program Coordinator at Ankara International Film Festival between 2007-2012, managing all aspects of international feature film programming functions of the festival, both creative and administrative. She also took part in the events held by the World Mass Media Research Foundation, the main organizer of Ankara Film Festival. She worked as the Program Coordinator of 2nd and 4th editions of Malatya International Film Festival. In 2012, she co-founded Puruli Culture and Art, which aims to improve access to culture by organizing events related to cinema and visual arts. Currently she is working as the Director of Accessible Film Festival, which has been organized by Puruli Culture and Art since 2013; a festival which aims to make cinema accessible for all by presenting the best examples of the independent world cinema in an accessible structure. 


Beyza Ünal - Clinical psychologist and disability rights activist

Clinical psychologist and disability rights activist Beyza Unal, completed her undergraduate, Master’s and PhD degrees in Middle East Technical University.  She currently works in a private counselling centre in Ankara and volunteers in national and international disability organisations. Among these organisations are the Association of Women with Disability, which works with a right-based perspective against multi-discrimination towards disabled women in Turkey, and European Network on Independent Living, which works for disabled people’s right to live independently and be included in the community. Also, she is a part-time lecturer at the Department of Psychology at TED University.