"Next Generation: Voices of young people in Turkey launch event" on 5 December was broadcast live. Please watch the full video of the event above

Next Generation: Voices of young people in Turkey 

The British Council in Turkey collaborated with Yaşama Dair Vakıf (YADA) and Gelecek Daha Net (GDN) youth platform to deliver the research.  

The nation-wide data gathering programme took place from winter 2016 until late summer 2017, and saw the participation of more than 2,500 young people from across Turkey. 

Professor Ferhat Kentel from Istanbul Şehir University and Assoc. Professor Gülden Demet Lüküslü from Yeditepe University are the academic advisers to the study.

Main themes of the research

  1. Daily Lives and Connections – How do young people spend their time, with who and how do they connect to their families, networks and other communities?
  2. Investing in The Future – What are young people’s hopes and aspirations and the challenges and obstacles in achieving them?
  3. Identities, Politics and Participation – How do young people identify with themselves, their fellow citizens and their engagement with those that influence and make decisions that affect their daily lives


Download the Next Generation Turkey report and find out about how young people spend their free time, their hopes and aspirations, how they see themselves and the society they live in and their use of social media and much more.

See the highlights from Next Generation research findings.