On a red background in the image, a yellow stripe is framing a dark red explosion icon. The icon says WOW Women of the World Festival GLOBAL 24 in white print. It says June 27, 2020, 18-18- 20.00, with a # glbal24 tag under a yellow horizontal stripe underneath the icon and a yellow font next to it.

WOW Global 24, a global digital festival for women has met with the viewers with a two-hour segment allocated to Turkey! 

Apart from Turkey, women professionals who are experts in their area have come together from many countries ranging from Australia to India, from the United Kingdom to the United States for WOW Global 24 that has been held digitally on 27-28 June.

For two days, WOW Global 24 has been watched from thewowfoundation.com website free of charge. In the festival, Turkey had two-hours session on Saturday, 27 June between 18.00 and 20.00 and arts and culture specialists, artists and experts working on gender equality have been involved with rich a content ranging from performance to conversation, from movie to theatre.

Gaye Su Akyol has started the two-hour segment allocated to Turkey with her opening video. The institutions and individuals contributing to the program were; Music for Peace Orchestra, #Susmabitsin platform, BGST Theatre and Kardeş Türküler, Havle Association, chef Takuhi Tovmasyan, journalist Pınar Öğünç, Sabancı Foundation, The United Nations Refugee Agency in Turkey (UNHCR), Ses Equality, Justice, Woman Platform, Hrant Dink Foundation, Mor Çatı Women's Shelter Foundation, İKSV, psychologist Beyza Ünal representing clinic for Disabled Woman Foundation and Erişilebilir Her Şey initiative. Kalben ended the slot with a special message for Women of The World Festival. Watch the full playlist of Turkey programme.

The program has been shaped with the contributions of curator of WOW Istanbul and Head of Arts, British Council Esra A. Aysun and WOW Istanbul advisory board members Asena Günal, Rümeysa Çamdereli, Özlem Ece and Ülker Uncu and with Arts Manager, British Council Su Başbuğu’s production. With inclusive and rich content as performances, dialogues, music, theatre, movie screening and much more, the program was accessible in Turkish, with English subtitles for all audiences.  

Women of the World (WOW) İstanbul Festival will take place in Istanbul in cooperation with the British Council in 2021.