Your chance to be featured in a global radio show

As part of our #AtHome with the British Council programme, we are organising the Selector Radio Competition to give music artists from Turkey a chance to be featured on our global radio show. 

Selector Radio broadcasts the best UK music and emerging talent to over 30 countries around the world, connecting a global community of music lovers from Spain to China every week. The weekly, two-hour show hosted by Jamz Supernova plays music from any band, any artist and any genre as long as it’s new and exciting.

To engage with listeners from around the world and find fresh new talent, the show host Jamz Supernova from time to time includes tracks from other countries into the show. This summer we have organised an open call for artists coming from across Eastern Europe and Central Asia, who may win a chance to have their song played to an international audience.

Collected submissions will first be judged by an international panel. In the second stage, Jamz Supernova will shortlist ten tracks – she will listen to the music only. The genre, the country, the language – it does not matter. 

The international audience will then have their say – all shortlisted tracks will be a part of an online vote for ten days, and at the end two tracks will be chosen – one by the public and one by Jamz. These two will make it to the show, which is listened to by more than four million people around the world. "

Timeline of the Selector Radio Competition

 16–30 July  Open call for submission of tracks
 31 July–17 August  Our international panel and Jamz Supernova  shortlist 10 tracks
 18–28 August  Online voting 
 31 August  Announcement of the two winners, one chosen by Jamz Supernova and one chosen by international listeners by online voting!
 4 September   Selector Radio with two winners is online