The Maker Library Network (MLN)

The Maker Library Network is a British Council project that connects designers and makers around the world. 

Maker libraries are creative spaces, which combine a making workshop, a library and a gallery. These creative spaces are connected online enabling people to share skills, resources and ideas locally and internationally.. 

The Maker Library Network concept was created and developed by Daniel Charny and we are delighted to be working in collaboration with him.

For more information and to follow the story, visit the Maker Library Network website at

Turkey's first maker library

Turkey’s first maker library was launched as part of the international Maker Library Network at the Mini Maker Faire on 10 and 11 October at Santral Istanbul.

ATÖLYE İstanbul and the British Council were running a series of events, discussions and workshops focusing on crafts, making and technology from diverse perspectives at Atölye Istanbul’s newly opened space at Bomontiada between October and April 2016. 

Maker Library: Istanbul launches at Mini Maker Faire

Venue: Santral Istanbul 

Date: 10 – 11 October 2015 

Time:10.00 – 18.00 

The event was free and open to all. 

Maker Library Network Drop in Maker Workshops

Venue: ATOLYE Istanbul Bomontiada 

Date: 24 October 2015 

Time:12.00 – 16.00 

The event was free and open to all. 

Reading Workshop: Mark-Making Machines

Wednesday 25 November 2015, 18.00
ATÖLYE Istanbul, Bomontiada

Maker Library's first reading workshop starts on Wednesday 25 November with Karen Wilkinson and Mike Petrich's The Art of Thinkering.