A young man in his 30s with short brown hair is wearing a dark gray hooded cardigan. He is looking at the laptop screen open in front of him in a workshop-like environment with a large square window and wooden architecture. The camera included a red column on the right, in our view.
Thursday 26 March 2020 - 00:00 to Friday 01 May 2020 - 00:00

Highlight of the week - Learn English Channel

Click. Watch. Learn.

The English Channel is a free online platform which helps you learn English and build career skills through interactive videos. 

The site offers contemporary UK arts content combined with interactive English language practice activities. Practice your English skills through a variety of film, music and lifestyle videos.  

Video of the week

Study UK Research Proposal Writing Webinar

Learn tips for writing a successful research proposal for Ph.D. and Masters studies, to increase your chances for a UK university admissions. Watch here. 

Stories from you

Would you like to hear Uğur’s IELTS story, which opened him the doors to the UK to become a successful doctor? 

Don’t miss out!

1- Teaching online - if the tech fails and structuring lessons

All English teachers are invited to our webinar on online teaching guidance on Friday 27 March. This webinar focuses on:

  • What to do if the technology fails and transferring some of the course elsewhere
  • Lesson structure and task-types

 Register to the webinar.

2- Free online course of the week

If you’re learning English and wonder about British culture, this course is for you! Click here and start the course.

The course will use short videos to present a different topic each week, including English as a global language, the environment, entrepreneurship and literature.

Have you read this before?

Research report on The State of Social Enterprise in Turkey

We conducted a research, the State of Social Enterprise in Turkey, working with a local consortium. The report aims to define the current size, scale and scope of the sector and its future potential. Read the full report here. 

A blast from the past

DISCOVER – New writing from Turkey and the UK

We aimed to facilitate dialogue between literary professionals in Turkey and the UK, and created a platform to showcase works by Turkish and British writers to new audiences. Read and/or listen to the stories of the 6 writers from Turkey and the UK.