Hi, I'm Ugur U.

In 2018, I completed my education at the Faculty of Medicine at On dokuz Mayis University and I was awarded the title of doctor.

After graduation, I decided that I wanted to continue my education with the field expertise in the UK, and my IELTS story began precisely during this period. In order to make my specialization in the UK, I needed to get a diploma equivalence, and the first of the prerequisites to advance this path was language proficiency. While every score to be lost is very important, I came across the computer delivered IELTS option as a solution to the legible handwriting problem, a compelling element in the vast majority of my life.

Taking the exam over the computer was more advantageous for me than taking the exam by handwriting in three sections of the exam. Except the ‘Speaking’ part, the remaining time can be traced in the upper part of the screen in each section, you can mark ‘highlights’ on the text in the ‘Reading’ section and corrections can be made without wasting time with the advantage of erasing and rewriting in the ‘Listening’ section. In particular, the ‘Writing’ part has a major advantage. I could instantly view the number of words on the screen, and with the simple keyboard shortcuts that most of us are familiar with, I was able to play with the location of paragraphs and sentences and have serious movement on the text. At this point, I would like to draw attention to the fact that the American Q keyboard is used during the exam. In addition to this, the promise of the computer delivered IELTS test results in a shorter time provided the last bit of motivation I needed in selecting this test format. I'm guessing the only negative difference between the paper based and computer-based exams would be a simple price difference. 

The exam registration process can be easily completed through the website. Based on my own experience, the probability of encountering any negativity on the test day is unlikely. The venue staff was friendly, helpful and friendly. My biggest criticism at this point is that you have absolutely no chance of getting any feedback or detailed ratings on your result. Unfortunately, your in-department ratings are not available to you, and the only result you get is the average score with the points you get from each section.

In summary, I sincerely recommend every individual who has the chance to be intertwined with the computer technologies that generation Y and every subsequent generation have for their reasons. Good luck in advance!