This is a Turkey-specific project to raise young people’s (between the ages of 18-35) awareness on climate change and environmental issues through grant projects delivered by UK alumni. It also aims to support young people to make their needs and concerns heard by policy makers and other relevant stakeholders in Turkey. 

For this purpose, we launched a grant call for UK alumni in December 2020. Out of the 32 applications, seven projects were selected and received grants of £2,500 to £6,000 GBP per project. 

Grantees delivered their projects until the end of March 2021. 

Below are the seven grantees and a summary of their projects and their video

Berke Çaplı

Conservation Campaign Competition for Women Leaders 

‘KızBaşına’ ran a competition for creating content for both social media and traditional media, focusing on the lighter side of water-saving activities and aiming to draw in younger audience with different attitudes to climate change and environmental issues.

Burak Yazar works closely with local producers, cooperatives, youth organizations, universities, media, celebrities and food bloggers to ensure that locally-grown food is also consumed locally, in order to lower the carbon footprint generated by long food supply chains. The project aims to inform participants about climate change and best practice to reduce its impact through the platform.

Esra Kaliber

The Green Campus project aims to raise the awareness of university students aged between 18 and 25 about environmental challenges and urge them to take action. The project will reach out to a large group of young people who will assess the green-ness of their campuses and propose projects to make them more environmental-friendly and sustainable. 

Mert Koçak and Nur Sultan Çırakman

The main aim of the Increasing Young People’s Awareness on Climate Change and Environmental Rights via Podcasting project is to help young people to access academic and activist knowledge concerning climate change and environmental rights. The project aims to utilise the medium of podcasts as an interface between academics/activists and young people.

Nilgün Pala

The Power of One project aims to raise awareness about climate change and get young people involved as active citizens in their local area. The project will include training where participants will come up with solutions and implement their ideas. The rubbish collected as part of the Beach Clean-up project will be exhibited in town centres, with photos from the areas where they were collected. 

Timur Topalgoekceli

COP26 Climate Change Awareness and Technology Solutions project aims to raise awareness among university students and young professionals by providing a qualitative and quantitative assessment of the current climate change situation using the world’s benchmark research sources. Through a series of online events with national and international experts, many of whom participated in previous COP summits, it then provides clear insights on what we as individuals can do. The project also specifically sheds light on innovative startups from the UK, Turkey and other parts of the world to provide clear and concrete examples of new technologies already being developed to address climate change

Umut Kuruüzüm and Didem Tali

Plasticulture intends to increase farmers' awareness and participation in the reduction and recycling of plastic agro-waste in their agricultural operations by showing them alternative sustainable materials and practices.

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