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Study UK is the British Council's official website for international students interested in the UK education system.

Visit the website to for thousands of UK courses and scholarships, facts and stats about the UK’s academic strengths and to access support for international students. 

We have We have created a pack to help you with your promotional activities. It is aimed at agents that represent UK institutions and work with prospective international students. 

The materials provided, which should not be modified in any way, will help you to share unique stories about student life in the UK, whilst demonstrating the breadth of what the UK has to offer, ultimately attracting students to choose the UK instead of its competitors.

This pack contains: 

  • an overview of the Study UK campaign
  • a brief explanation about the Study UK brand 
  • a description of the assets available and how to access them
  • advice about where to go to for support and further guidance.

Download the Agent Starters Pack. (PDF 7MB)

Join the Study UK community on Facebook and follow Education UK on Twitter.

Information for Students

Study UK details the kind of scholarships and financial support available for international students who wish to study on a UK course. There are also articles on finding a reputable institution and working with agents.

Safety First (PDF 1139 KB)  

Providing advice to students about safety when travelling and living away from home.

Entry Clearance and Immigration  (PDF 974 KB)  

Important information about Entry clearance and immigration.

Information for Agents

We provide advice for UK institutions looking to work with agents.

A review of UK Institution approaches to agent relationships.

We’re keen to encourage UK education institutions to work with quality agents and provide guidance and good practice examples to support UK education institutions looking to work with agents for the first time.

Statement of principles for the ethical recruitment ofiInternational students by education agents and consultants.


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