Grayson Perry Milliyet Sanat

I don’t go hunting for exotic extremes. I’m always fascinated by things that are happening all around us all the time, right in front of us, often in an unconscious way.

Grayson Perry ‘Who Are You?’ portraits set National Portrait Gallery record

“The free display, launched in partnership with Channel 4 series Grayson Perry: Who Are You?, drew a quarter of a million people, while approximately 850,000 are believed to have seen at least one Perry piece as part of a gallery-wide trail. 

The exhibition, which focused on the theme of identity and opened on 23 October 2014, is now the most-viewed temporary display in the gallery’s history and contributed to the 2 million plus total visitor figure for the year.

Perry’s new portraits were of individuals, families and groups trying to define who they were in modern Britain”.

The Independent

Grayson Perry – The Vanity of Small Differences, Sunderland Museum

“The Vanity of Small Differences is an exhibition that can be read at different levels. On a surface glance the aesthetic appeal of the tapestries is obvious and they pander to our fascination with the lives of ‘others’. For those that wish to look deeper, there is a complex language of art historical reference interwoven with contemporary signifiers that both reflect our fascination with tradition, roots and respect towards heritage, and warn of the perils that could befall our aspirational desire to move onwards and upwards”.


Grayson Perry: the Tomb of the Unknown Craftsman – review

“Grayson Perry, artist, potter, writer, transvestite and all-round observer of modern life in contemporary Grecian urns, has been invited to curate a show at the British Museum. It would be hard to imagine a better choice. It is not just that Perry's works join the family of ancient objects like long-lost children, though that is striking in itself. It is that the past comes so brightly to life through his eyes”. 

The Guardian