I'm Gülşah P. I’m 32 years old. I work as a librarian at a private school as a graduate from Hacettepe University, Department of Information Management.

Since my high school years, I’ve always had an interest in English. In university, my interest and knowledge continued to grow exponentially. I thought the best answer to ‘Is your English good enough?’ question was an IELTS score. Besides, I knew I could use my score for the Canadian immigration application.

I thought why not and took both the Academic and General modules of IELTS with the British Council. The registration process was simple. It was quite easy and safe to register, like doing an online shopping from any site. IELTS staff, who could be reached at any moment, were extremely polite and at the same time, their problem-solving time did not exceed even one minute.

I’ve taken the General training module of IELTS on computer, and the Academic module as pen and paper. 

On computer delivered IELTS, in the ‘Reading’ section, the text you will read and answers you need to match are on the same page. So, it is easier to see them all in one page and at a glance. 

The ‘Listening’ section has also great advantage in computer delivered IELTS. I would say that you'll be more comfortable and concentrated listening through a headset on a computer, rather than listening to the speaker in an open-space venue. 

As for the ‘Writing’ session, it was one of the most challenging areas for me. My composition writing skills are unfortunately not very good, however I can say that I've had a relatively comfortable exam by using resources on IELTS website for my IELTS preparation, the second time. Especially in this section, I would say that it is much more advantageous to have the exam on computer. It's so easy to write and delete and write again on a computer.

A quote that I’ve seen came to my mind when I was taking the ‘Speaking’ test; ‘Nobody knows your knowledge on the topic. Just have fun and enjoy speaking English.’ So that’s what I did 

I am currently researching schools abroad. With IELTS, I believe that my applications will result easily and in the way I hoped. 

I’d like to thank the whole British Council IELTS team who’ve helped me all through my computer delivered IELTS experience.