You can take your IELTS test at one of our official test centres on paper or on a computer.

You can also take IELTS Online (IELTS Academic only) from the comfort of your home or any private space with a stable internet connection.  

All you need is a valid identification document and choose the most convenient method of payment for you to register for IELTS.

Test type Fee Available test dates

IELTS Academic – on paper or computer (in centre)

TRY 6,000 Find a test date

IELTS Academic Online

TRY 7,700 Find a test date

IELTS Academic – Computer test at test centre

TRY 6,000 Find a test date
IELTS General Training

(paper or computer)

TRY 6,000 Find a test date
IELTS Academic for
(paper or computer)
TRY 6,530  Find a test date
IELTS General Training
for UKVI 
(paper or computer)
TRY 6,530 Find a test date
IELTS Life Skills
(A1 and B1)
TRY 6,050  Find a test date

What does the fee include? IELTS test fee includes exclusive preparation materials, free practice tests and much more .

What you need to book

  • A valid identification document

Only a valid passport or Turkish national ID is accepted for taking IELTS test.

Please make sure that the ID you bring the same identification you entered information into the test taker portal on the test day. Candidates who come to the test with a different ID than the one registered are not allowed to enter the test hall. 

Important Note: You will not be allowed to take the IELTS test with a driver's license, Blue Card, Residence Permit, Work Permit, Lawyer Identification Card, expired Turkish national identity card or passport, and a Turkish National ID card or passport without a photo.

  • A payment method

You can pay with your credit or debit card through our online booking system.

Alternatively, you can pay by bank transfer up to 5 days before your test day. In the bank transfer statement, you must write your full name, test date and the reference number that will be given to you during registration.
Example: Ali Yilmaz, 27 November IELTS, A3-TR002-S-XXXXXXX

The British Council cannot accept payments made from banks (or other financial institutions) sanctioned by the UK or any other relevant jurisdiction. Where the British Council discovers evidence of payment from a sanctioned bank and/or sanctioned financial institution we will freeze all funds related to that payment and will be unable to deliver the service for which the payment was intended. Please therefore ensure that you do not make payments from an account in a sanctioned bank and/or sanctioned financial institution.

Note: IELTS is not recommended for anyone under 16.

After you have booked your test

You will receive e-mails confirming:

  • the start time of your test and the venue address
  • your Speaking Test date
  • your access to IELTS Ready Premium 

You can check your registration information on the Test Taker portal  by using your e-mail address and password you created during registration.

Download and read our Information for Candidates  to learn everything you need to know about the test.

Learn more about our cancellation or test day change requests policy.

More information about the test

Download and read our Information for Candidates to learn everything you need to know about the format, the different exam components and test results. [insert the latest IELTS Candidate Booklet_Web version above in bold]

Special arrangements for your test 

We’re here to assist if you have any accessibility needs that may impact on your ability to take IELTS. Find out more about our broad range of support tools and adjustments.

IELTS terms and conditions 

Read the terms and conditions for taking IELTS with the British Council.