In the picture, there is a middle-aged man with a back facing us and a 5-7-year-old girl. The girl's hair is fastened with dark brown hair and a yellow buckle on the left side. The man has dark hair and dirty beards and a black watch on his left wrist. The girl and boy hold an orange-coated tablet in their hands that looks towards us. There is a 'Learn English' web page on the screen. Two children and a middle-aged woman appear in the back, blurred.
Wednesday 22 April 2020 to Wednesday 06 May 2020

Highlight of the week

Tomorrow is 23 April, National Sovereignty and Children’s Day.

To celebrate the day with you, we have brought together a fun selection of English activities for your kids. 

Our LearnEnglish Kids website has a wide variety of resources to help children practise English with online games, songs, stories and activities. We want to support parents at this challenging time. You can find tips and advice about helping your children practise their English at home. Click here to discover.

How to ..?

Would you like to have a plant of your own? Watch our ‘how to grow a bean plant’ video and try growing a plant today.

Speak and Spell 

Do you like singing and dancing? Let’s learn how to say and spell English words with Sam and Pam, the super space spies.

Sing along with us

Feelings are feelings

How do you feel today? Listen to a song called ‘Feelings are feelings’ and sing along.  

If you're happy and you know it..

Listen to this traditional children's song. Sing along and do the actions too!

Twinkle twinkle little star

Have you ever heard this traditional children's nursery rhyme about a star?

Old McDonald had a farm

Practise animal words and noises with this song about Old MacDonald's farm.  

Video of the week

Do you fancy pizza for lunch? Watch the video to find out how to make a delicious four-course pizza for everyone’s taste. Maybe you can prepare the food today!

Read and learn

Do you like reading in English? Reading is a great way to improve your vocabulary and learn new things. Read about superheroes, then do the exercises to help you practice your reading in English

Now it is your turn!

Have you visited the LearnEnglish Kids website yet? Which activities or resources did you like most? Share on social media with the hashtag #IamLearningEnglish, and we will re-share through our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Happy Children's Day!