Sunday 03 September 2017 - 12:00 to Friday 08 September 2017 - 19:00

Creative Enterprise Russia: Driving the economy through creative hubs

Chekhov APi Art-residence
3 – 8 September 2017

About the Programme

British Council is supporting one creative hub founder and/or manager from Turkey to attend ‘Creative Enterprise Russia: Driving the economy through creative hubs’, organised in collaboration with British Council in Russia, Nesta and Chekhov APi from Russia between 3 and 8 September 2017. 

 “The Creative Enterprise Russia: Driving the economy through creative hubs” is a four-day practical workshop that equips creative hub managers with the tools and knowledge they need to succeed.

Facilitated by Catherine Docherty and Yan Yarmoshchuk , the training will provide face-to-face support to help participants to explore business concepts, further develop their business proposition, and refine their business model that suits their hopes and ambitions, all in a peer-led environment as part of a global network of creative hubs.  

Who can apply?

  • You are a founder or manager of a creative hub – residence, co-working or art-cluster uniting creative community. (Do you want to make sure that your project is a creative hub? Read here
  • Your project is an actively developing hub with its own audience, venue and online presence (website and/or page in social networks)
  • You are over 18 years old
  • You are fluent in English (The workshop will be in English without translation)

Terms and conditions 

All participants will be provided with:

  • All workshop materials
  • Visa fees and flights
  • Meals 
  • Transfer from Moscow to the venue and back

For more information please contact 

How to Apply

To take part in the programme please complete the application form in English and submit it by July 16th. 

Please note that participation from Turkey is limited to one person. The successful candidate will be contacted after July 20th.

Programme Outline

Monday 4 September: Day 1 - You and Your business

Focuses on helping participants understand the building blocks that describe and shape their business opportunity

  • Explores Values, vision and mission
  • Uses models to demonstrate what impact the business has

Tuesday 5 September: Day 2 - Your Customers

Encourages participants to identify and better understand residents and audience. It focuses on exploring how the business functions and grows by

  • Pitching your business  
  • Learning from other local creative entrepreneurs
  • Describing customer profiles and needs
  • Defining the business processes and the relationships needed to help them further develop  their business opportunity

Wednesday 6 September: Day 3 - Your Business

Visualise the main components of the business and to bring together the key elements of participants’ business plans through a first draft of the Business Model Canvas (BMC). It provides supports participants to:

  • Space to explore the legal and financial considerations for running a business
  • Evaluate the business and plan for the future
  • Prototype a first draft of a business plan using the BMC

Thursday 7 September: Day 4 - Hubs ToolKit

Specifically designed content, developed from the Hubs toolkit, created for your hub context. Main focus areas: 

  • Comparative analysis of business models in Russian and UK hubs 
  • Roles and responsibilities of hub manager 
  • Financial stability and investments
  • Exchange of practices 
  • Evening networking event 


Catherine Docherty – Nesta Creative Enterprise Programme associate. 

Catherine has extensive experience as a researcher, facilitator and management consultant having worked in the fields of design and innovation for over 20 years. Working with senior executives in government, public sector and industry, she has directed and successfully delivered a range of national and international projects and publications, many of which are leading edge, relating to strategic aspects of design, innovation, entrepreneurship and sustainability. In 2015 Catherine chaired the European Creative Hubs Forum, in Lisbon. She is currently a member of the Reference Group, a strategic advisory group for The Lighthouse, Scotland’s Centre for Design and Architecture. You can find additional information here

Yan Yarmoshchuk – Russian curator, consultant and specialist in space re-development and revitalisation, director of FlaconX.

“FlaconX” is a franchise of “Design factory Flacon” — one of the most successful revitalization projects in Russia. “FlaconX” operates in cities across Russia and among its most successful projects are: “Brusov ship”, “Khlebozavod” and “Vernissage” (Moscow), “Flacon 1170” (Sochi), “Svoboda2” (Chelyabinsk), “Dorenberg” factory (Irkutsk).  “FlaconX” helps young entrepreneurs, organises lectures and seminars in Moscow and all over Russia.



Nesta is a global innovation foundation that backs new ideas to tackle the big challenges of our time.  Nesta uses its knowledge, networks, funding and skills - working in partnership with others, including governments, businesses and charities. It is a UK charity that works all over the world, supported by a financial endowment.  

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Scientific and creative residence Chekhov#API is a space for productive communication where representatives of business, new IT industries, people of science, sports, public figures and humanities meet. It is a massive area with guesthouses, farm, forest and river; a place for work, reflection, communication and smart entertainment; a platform for business, educational and research sessions. Moreover, it’s an art park with author's architecture and unique digital objects.

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