Maker Library Network Drop-in Activity
Saturday 24 October 2015 - 12:00
ATOLYE Istanbul Bomontiada

Maker Library Network Drop in Maker Workshops

Maker Librarian Gareth Owen Lloyd from Machines Room in east London will be leading a drop-in workshop at the Maker Library at ATOLYE Istanbul on 24 October 2015, Saturday. 

Join us around making table and have a go with Trispace, Maker Cards and Himmeli Mobiles to make sculptures, toys or even furniture.

The workshop will be held in English and Turkish, is open to all ages and free of charge. No registration is necessary, just come by.


During his micro-residency at Machines Room, Michael Obriskiv ran network-wide workshops based on his Trispace laser-cut modular maker kit. Inspired by geodesic geometry it invites playful prototyping of modular constructions, such as sculptures, toys, lampshades and shelters. A computer engineer and self-taught designer, Michael is interested in creating open source kits that will be published freely online. Have a go at putting the interlocking components together to create your own structures 


Designed for Maker Library visitors, Maker Cards offer first timers and experienced makers a playful way to start a new project. Designed jointly by UK-based Gareth Owen Lloyd and South African artist Philip Johnson to encourage thinking through making. The user picks one card from each of the four sets of visual cues to answer the questions: what am I MAKING? In what MEDIUM? With what METHOD? How should I MODIFY what I am making? Please try them out at the Making Table.


Himmeli structures are intricate geometric mobiles that were originally made as Finnish Christmas ornaments. The process consists of cutting tubes and threading them with string to create three-dimensional structures. 

You can visit our web page to get more information about The Maker Library Network (MLN).

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