''I have been working as a journalist and documentary producer since I finished my master's degree in media and development studies at London School of Economics in 2013. Thanks to my profession, I had the chance to work all over the world. I have produced news and documentaries on human rights and cultures for many leading media organisations such as National Geographic, The New York Times and the BBC. 

In 2019, the British Council deemed me worthy of an award in the ‘Social Impact’ category at the ‘Alumni Awards’ for my efforts. On this occasion, I became more familiar with the British Council. In addition to this award, the British Council's training and grant opportunities has been a great benefit for me to develop myself, my career and leadership skills. 

I made use of the grant opportunity to develop a book I've been working on for a long time and to make new connections in the English publishing industry. Thanks to this, I attended a respectable conference in New York, and I am still receiving editorial support from the best-known publishers to optimize my book.''