British Council 75th year anniversary

British Council celebrated its 75th year in Turkey in 2015.  

British Council’s journey in Turkey started in 1940 in the leadership of our founder Michael Grant with the intent to develop cultural relations between Turkey and Britain. It still continues today thanks to our strong relationship with our partners as well as your valuable support. We celebrated the joy of 75 years in Turkey with various events and campaigns to be held throughout 2015.

75 Culture Awards Online Competition

During 2015 we organized quizzes and competitions and distribute 75 culture awards to our followers and fans through social media. 

Which Brıtısh Councıl Era Descrıbes You Best? 

Those who completed the quiz had the chance to win one of the 37 culture awards, ranging from flight tickets to the UK to tablet computers, e-readers, special English, arts and education materials.

List of awards:

  • Flight ticket to the UK 
  • E-book reader
  • Samsung tablet
  • English book 
  • Novel from a British novelist  
  • Biletix e-voucher worths for 100 TL  
  • DVD from BBC Shop 
  • IELTS exam (Will be paid by British Council) 

British Council Timeline

We have been sharing our story of the last 75 years, taking it from the 1940s and highlighting the activities and projects that stand out as milestones. You can watch our Milestones video below. You can also access our digital archive of 75 years here

Audıo-visual Installation Show - 14 May 2015

Within the framework of British Council’s 75th year anniversary celebrations in Turkey, a specially commissioned audio-visual installation show by Nerdworking was broadcast  live through Periscope at 21.30 on 14 May. Please watch the recording of the show below.