“As a teacher, I have never worked with 'Professional Learning Communities' during my professional life. I always tried to create practices that will increase the success of my students with my own means. This situation lasted until my path crossed with the British Council... How? One day, an official document came to my school on the organization of educational trainings to support the professional development and language skills of English teachers. The document mentions a program within the scope of the cooperation between the Ministry of National Education, Directorate General of Teacher Training and Development and the British Council. The teachers to be chosen were obviously going to undertake important tasks. I was lucky and I was chosen as one of them. The trainings and opportunities we received from the British Council were so different that I could not have imagined. In addition to providing four language skills not only for English, it also showed ways to be innovative and creative in the culture of cooperation in education and training. Moreover, and it made me very excited, it gave me the chance to attend the International Conference of English Teachers (IATEFL) conference held every year in the UK. 

The British Council has helped me to connect with my colleagues, whom I will be inspired on a national and international scale.”