Hi, I'm Sezgi A.

I work as a research assistant at the Labour Economics and Industrial Relations Department of Pamukkale University and I am also at the dissertation phase of my PhD in the same department. My studies involve international migration and social policies, particularly focusing on social security law and labour law.

I want to briefly comment on my recent computer-delivered IELTS test and help potential candidates and to those who may not have enough information about it yet.

As you know, evaluating competency and proficiency in a foreign language requires testing and certification. I would like to emphasize the significance of competency in English as someone who has closely observed the benefits of English language proficiency and which doors it can open for an individual in the world.

However, it wouldn't be wrong to underline that there are several country specific challenges in Turkey when it comes to acquiring and evaluating language competencies.

I took the IELTS test so that I could seize the chance to work as a visiting researcher at Lund University in Sweden. My English language competency needed to be tested and certified by a universally recognised institution and IELTS opened the door to this opportunity for me, helping me to secure the scholarships I needed to study in Sweden for six months.

Securing certain scholarships was one of my priorities for studying in Sweden for six months starting from September 2019. As might be expected, I needed to be tested and certified for my English language competency by a universally recognized institution. IELTS was the most serious experience that could open the door for this need. However, there was a small hitch; the deadline for my application for a scholarship was fast approaching... 

After researching for some time, I decided that the computer-delivered format of IELTS was the earliest option to take and also the fastest way to get the test results. I had only 15 days left before the deadline of my scholarship application and I could get my proficiency certificate; that was awesome.

Looking back at my computer-delivered IELTS test, I can easily say that it fully met my expectations, particularly for the faster delivery of test results, which made me very happy. Number one benefit of the computer-delivered IELTS is its user-friendly design matching the current widespread use of computers and keyboards. Taking the IELTS on computer provides great ease and advantage for individuals who are skilful in the use of keyboards, which is an inevitable requirement in almost every aspect of their lives. The fastness of checking the answers at the end of each of the four different sections of the test and the ease of switching between the answers through simple keyboard shortcuts are also among these benefits.

For me, the facilitation of the IELTS process in general, from the moment of application to the announcement of the results, by means of computers and the internet has been very positive. Just think about it; it was so important for me to register and take the test in two days in such an urgent situation! Furthermore, I could easily use my computer to acquire information through the website of British Council Turkey on how the test was performed and the tips about the test. The extreme care of the officials with respect to the privacy of personal information, their helpfulness, their problem-solving approach for the needs of the individuals taking the test and their professionalism proved the accuracy of my decision.

Judging from my own experience, I would definitely recommend computer-delivered IELTS to people who want to test their English proficiency and competency. Remember, the test results may not always come out as we expect. However, just experiencing the test can be the key to success in your next attempt.

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