Tuesday 08 September 2015 - 20:00

Science for All Talks - Periscope Live Coverage

“Science for All Talks” is a series of events organised by the British Council in Turkey, where a professional UK speaker talks about a popular science topic. After Big Data and Health in İstanbul and ‘‘The Future of Water, The Planet's Life Source’’ in Antalya; the third “Science for All Talks” event will be held in İzmir on 8 September and the topic is ‘‘Discovering the Chemistry of Health’’.

You can watch Prof. Dr. David Phillips’s talk live through Periscope on Twitter. 

Our live stream on Periscope starts at 20.00 on 8 September. Just go to app store, download Periscope on your mobile or tablet and follow trBritish.

If you have any questions about “Discovering The Chemistry of Health” topic, please ask them through Twitter with the hashtag #scienceforall. Our speaker will be answering the questions live..

Find out more about the event and the speaker.

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