Wednesday 05 December 2018 - 14:28 to Wednesday 31 July 2019 - 23:28

With 15 undergraduate and postgraduate scholarships on offer, the total value of this Turkey scholarship program is almost £300,000. The single value of each scholarship ranges between £12,500 and £26,000 to cover full annual tuition fees. This scholarship scheme will offer an exciting opportunity for Turkish students wishing to get financial support to pursue undergraduate and postgraduate study in the UK. Students can apply for courses in a range of subjects including engineering, law, business, art and design, biosciences, IT and more, at the 9 participating institutions across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

  Institutions No. of Scholarships Scholarship Value
(GBP/each award)
Type Subject
1 Arts University Bournemouth 1 £16,950 UG
1st year only
All subjects
2 Coventry University 1 £12,500 PGT All subjects
3 Loughborough University 1 £21,100 PhD All subjects - 3 year
4 Swansea University 1 £16,500 PGT

MA International Journalism
MA Communication, Media Practice and PR
MA Digital Media
MA Development and Human Rights
MA International Relations
MA International Security & Development
MA Politics

5 University of Bradford 1 £18,480 UG All subjects
6 University of Bradford 7 £18,480 PGT All subjects  (With the exception of MBA Master)
7 University of Bristol 1 £18,100 UG Arts & Humanities subjects 
8 University of Glasgow 1 £18,000 PGT Limited subject areas
9 University of Warwick   1 £25,870 PGT Selected courses with Warwick's multidisciplinary WMG department: Msc Healthcare operational Management, Msc Management for Business Excellence, Msc Programme and Project Management, Msc Sustainable Automotive Engineering, MSc Engineering Business Management