Tuesday 24 August 2021 to Thursday 09 September 2021

8000 Rising | Youth Voices for Climate Action

Global Youth Letter launch event hosted by the British Council

Thursday 9 September 14.00 - 15.15  Turkey  time online

We need to act now. Crowdsourced from 8000 young people across 23 countries, the Global Youth Letter is an urgent call to action for society’s leaders and emerging climate champions to unite to end the climate emergency once and for all.. The letter will be presented and debated by youth representatives from around the world at our live event on 9 September.

Join our youth leaders and experts to

  • connect with your peers and debate the Global Youth Letter recommendations and discuss concrete actions
  • be counted and help us to us reach thousands more by adding your voice to the 8,000 Rising campaign
  • enter a new global competition designed to support young people to engage in the UNFCCC Race to Resilience campaign. 

Register now and spread the word!