Ruth Mackenzie Museums Talk
Tuesday 17 March 2015 - 00:00
Istanbul Modern, Istanbul

Curating Digital Space: Inventing a New Art Form

Ruth Mackenzie CBE, Interim Launch Director
The Space

İstanbul Modern
Tuesday, March 17, 2015, 19.00

The Space, set up by the BBC and Arts Council of England in 2014, commissions artists from all art forms to create digital art for people round the world to enjoy via their mobiles, tablets and desktop computers. It encourages artists to experiment with new ways of reaching audiences and new forms of digital art, and it encourages audiences to move from consuming and enjoying art, to participating in art works as an active artistic community. 

Ruth Mackenzie is the Interim Launch Director and Creative Director of The Space and the Artistic Director of the Holland Festival. Her first festival in June 2015 includes a celebration of artists from Turkey and surrounding countries. In her talk, she will share insights into curating digital artists and audience development in every continent of the world. She will argue whether digital art will have a similar effect as the emergence of film in the twentieth century as a new dominant art form, which impacted on artists across all genres and reached new mass audiences. Today, thanks to the spread of mobile devices and Internet access, mass audiences are within the reach of artists. Mackenzie will discuss how artists should develop a new relationship with these new audiences and if it requires the invention of a new form of digital art. 

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