Great ELT
Friday 18 March 2016 to Saturday 26 March 2016

GREAT - ELT Competition

If you love English, stand for its idiom! The Competition has ended

We prepared a fun competition to test your knowledge about the English expressions and idioms. This competition was just for you if you believed you could find the idioms in English that correspond to common idioms in Turkish.

The participants who found the English equivalent of five idioms and joined the prize draw had the chance to win one of the prizes.


Here are the winners of GREAT - ELT Competition. We will contact the winners through their email addresses by 25 March. If the winners don't respond, reserve participants will get the chance to receive the prizes.

  • Mukadder Kanter : MacBook
  • Gökberk Akarsu: iPad Mini
  • Burcu Subasi: BBC Active TV English
  • Erkan Aydın: BBC Active TV English
  • Simay Şen: BBC Active TV English

Reserved winners:

  • Aynur Kazım Ova (Moon K-va) : MacBook
  • Emre Canbazer: iPad Mini
  • Engin Kisacik: BBC Active TV English
  • Ogün Akkaya: BBC Active TV English
  • Tolga Poyraz: BBC Active TV English

Please visit our website to have further details and to see terms and conditions of competition.

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