Main objectives are to support the Test Day Operational Team with the day-to-day operations in examination venues and to deliver the exams in accordance with the compliance criteria.


Location Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Adana, Antalya
Closing date Saturday 30 December 2023

Role overview

  • Assisting with setting-up examination venues by laying out stationery, candidate numbers, booklets, equipment and examination papers in accordance with strict procedures;
  • Implementing the exam rules and regulations and remaining vigilant throughout the examination duration.
  • Assisting candidates prior to the start of examinations by directing them to their seats and advising them about possessions permitted in examination venues;
  • Ensuring that candidates do not talk once inside examination venues;
  • Invigilating during examinations, dealing with queries raised by candidates and dealing with examination irregularities in accordance with strict procedures; 
  • Checking attendance during examinations; recording details of late arrivals and early leaver leavers and collecting scripts from early leavers;
  • Escorting candidates from venues during the examinations as required, and supervising candidates whilst outside examination venues;
  • Collecting and collating scripts at the end of the examination in accordance with strict procedures;
  • Supervising candidates leaving examination venues, ensuring that candidates do not remove equipment or stationery from the venue without authorisation and ensuring that candidates leave venues in an orderly and quiet manner.
  • Understanding the British Council and its values;
  • Understanding customer needs;
  • Responding to customer needs;
  • Obtaining and evaluating feedback.


  • Good command in English
  • Should be currently enrolled in an Undergraduate Programme at min.
  • Turkish Citizenship (Applicants will be registered through Social Security System) 

British Council Core Skills 

  • Communicating and influencing 
  • Communicates clearly and effectively
  •  Listens to others and expresses self clearly, with grammatical accuracy and awareness of a diverse audience in speaking and writing. 
  • Using Technology: 

Operates as a basic user of information systems, digital and office technology. Able to use office software and British Council systems to do the job and manage processes.

British Council Behaviors

Connecting with others (Essential): 

  • Making regular opportunities to understand others better

Working together (Essential):

  • Ensuring that others benefit as well as me

Being Accountable (Essential):

  • Delivering my best work in order to meet my commitments  

How to apply

To Apply:

  • Please fill out and send the application form with your CV to
  • Send the reference form to your three referees in order to be sent to the e-mail address above. (Applications without references will not be evaluated.