Discover our arts work in Turkey

We work with the best of British creative talent to develop innovative, high-quality events and collaborations with artists and cultural institutions in Turkey. We find new ways of connecting and seeing each other through the arts. Our programme offers artists, creative industry professionals and audiences enriching experiences inspired by the UK’s cultural and artistic strength and diversity.

We bring new work or new interpretations of work from the UK to audiences across the whole of Turkey. Through strong partnerships we discover new talent and new innovations, challenging ideas and pushing boundaries. Our team in Turkey works with our arts specialists in the UK to design the most effective projects, working with arts professionals and policy makers in the UK and Turkey.

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Propeller 200x113Propeller Theatre Company will be in Istanbul with two highly acclaimed productions of two plays to launch our three-year programme marking 400 years since Shakespeare’s death.

Past Events

Arts-Dance-Drama-Cover-200x113British Council works with the best of British creative talent to develop innovative, high-quality events and collaborations with artists and cultural institutions in Turkey. You can view the past events and learn more about the British Council’s arts & culture projects in Turkey.

Architecture, Design, Fashion

Carl-Turner-architects-working-on-Home 200x113

We work with designers and architects to showcase the most exciting and best work from the UK and Turkey and provide development opportunities. Find out more about UK architecture, design and fashion on our blog ‘Back of the Envelope‘.

Creative Economy

Creative Economy Forum - Moscow photo by Valery BelobeevWe connect people who work in and inform the creative and cultural industries in Turkey with those in the UK. Our programme provides a link between art, culture, business and technology. We work closely with industry professionals and policymakers and support and promote emerging talent. Find out more about the UK’s creative sector.

Drama and Dance

Random-entity-photo-by-Ravi-Deepres-330x186Our programme reflects the vibrant and diverse nature of the performing arts sector. We work with performers, programmers, writers, technical experts and other arts professionals to bring cutting-edge performances from the UK to new audiences in Turkey. Find out more about drama and dance in the UK.


by-Varon-Bonicos-photo-by-Bruno-Barbazan-330x186Our programme links UK films and filmmakers with new audiences in Turkey. We profile the innovation, diversity, creativity and excellence of British films around the world, and provide opportunities for creative exchange between UK filmmakers and counterparts from Turkey. With our British films directory and British Council film collection, British Council film is a comprehensive resource for British filmmakers and film lovers worldwide.


Kurdish-Port-Dr-330x186We work with writers, publishers, translators, academics and literature professionals to develop high-quality programmes through festivals, book fairs, conferences and in the classroom. We showcase the UK’s literary talent and provide opportunities to exchange ideas with counterparts from Turkey. Find out more about literature in the UK.


08-Eska-live-at-Resound-75th-Anniversary-British-Council-Frank-Noon-200x113From electronica to jazz, traditional to folk, and classical to indie, we work with musicians and partner organisations to bring the latest sounds from UK artists to audiences in Turkey. Find out more about music in the UK.

Visual Arts

Anish-Kapoor-National-Gallery-of-Modern-Art-New-Delhi-India-2010-photo-by-Emma-Williams-330x186We promote British visual arts through a range of activities including touring exhibitions, workshops, seminars, and conferences led by British artists. Our programme reflects the wide range of disciplines practised to a world class standard by British artists and includes sculpture, painting, photography and video, drawings, prints and multiples. Find out more about visual arts in the UK. We have a Collection of around 8,500 works of British art which you can explore at British Council Collection.