All you need to know to plan your Study UK Days visit. Here is the list of frequently asked questions.

Useful Links

We have listed some useful links for you:

Living and studying in the UK:

Visa information:

University options:

Your accommodation options:

Information for international students on living in the UK:

Will I be able to find out information on IELTS?

Yes, IELTS will have a stand to answers all your questions

Do I need a visa to study in the UK?

If you are a Turkish passport holder, you will need to apply for a visa. There are two-types of visas to apply to study in the UK.  These are Student Visitor Visa and Tier-4 Student Visa (depending on your age, the visa could be Child or General visa application form) 

For more information please visit:

How can I reach the event venues?


3 November 2018 Saturday – Fairmont Quasar Istanbul 

The venue is on the Mecidiyeköy stop, Hacıosman-Yenikapı metro line. The venue is located where the Ali Samiyen Stadium used to be. The entrance of the hotel  is from traffic lights in the corner of the Likor Yanı Sokağı after passing the Fairmont Quasar Towers 

Please see google map and directions to reach the venue.

Parking is free of charge for all visitors. 


4 November 2018 Sunday - Ankara HiltonSA Hotel

The venue is very central. You can use public transport to reach Kavaklıdere. It is 5-10 minutes walk from Kuğulu Park in Tunalı Hilmi Street.

Parking is available with a fee.

Please visit here for further direction details.

Will you provide general information on studying and living in the UK?

Yes, please come along to our British Council stand.

Will there be any translators at the event?

Each institution will have a local representative to assist you if you need any help with translation. 

There is no translation service available for the seminar sessions that are delivered by the UK participants.

Do I need to pay to attend the Study UK Days and seminars?

No. The Study UK Days and seminars are free of charge.

Do I need to register to attend the Study UK Days and seminars?

Visitors will need to register online or at the event on their arrival. We advise you to register in advance to ease your access to the event on the day. 

You do not need to register for the seminars. However it would be helpful to go to the seminar room 10 min before the seminar sessions start.