If you are a UK alumni who is looking for opportunities to develeop their career prospects, do not miss this workshop on 8 February, Saturday. 

Study UK Alumni Workshop is designed for UK alumni to contribute to their professional development. Senior HR specialists and entrepreneurs from the sector will share the latest trend of the job market in Turkey. The workshop will help UK alumni understand the popular jobs and expectations of employers.

This workshop includes a competency base mock interview to showcase what skills and behaviours the candidates should have and give tips and hints for a successful interview.  

This is an exclusive opportunity for UK alumni to directly speak to senior HR specialists and ask their questions during the workshop.

The event will be held in Taksim area on 8 February 2020, Saturday between 09.00-17.00. The location details will be shared with the participants prior to the event.

For registration: StudyUK.Turkey@britishcouncil.org

The event will cover below subjects

  • What employers are looking for in the job market?
  • What is 4th Sector revolution? Why is it important?
  • How to gain visibility and get to know prospective job recruiters? 
  • What are the trends in the job market and popular jobs in Turkey? 
  • What is entrepreneurship? What skills do you need?
  • How to enhance employability, access to professional development opportunities, and expand networks?


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