UK Alumni Awards 2017

Alumni Awards celebrate the achievements of international alumni who studied at UK universities within the last 15 years and illustrate the value of UK higher education. The awards honour the outstanding achievements made by business professionals, entrepreneurs and community leaders who can demonstrate how their UK education has impacted on their subsequent success.

There are three award categories:

Professional Achievement Award – recognising UK alumni who have distinguished themselves through exemplary leadership and achievements in their professional industry

Entrepreneurial Award – recognising UK alumni who are active in initiating or contributing to innovative new business opportunities that have the potential for strong growth 

Social Impact Award – recognising UK alumni who have made an exceptional contribution and commitment to creating positive social change and improving the lives of others

Winning a Study UK Alumni Award has various opportunities like;

  • earning an international recognition, establishing new professional connections 
  • shining a spotlight on new achievements. 
  • bring you international recognition 
  • helping you raise your profile
  • introducing you to new professional connections
  • opening up an international network of UK university alumni
  • giving you a platform to share your experiences of your UK education and subsequent achievements
  • giving you a sense of personal fulfilment

The Study UK Alumni Awards 2017 

The Study UK Alumni Awards ceremony which celebrates the achievements of international alumni who studied at UK universities within the last ten years took place on 24 February. Please see our photos from the event.

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This year, 10 finalists competed for “Professional Achievement”, “Entrepreneurial” and "Social Impact" categories. 

Professional Achievement Award Finalists

  • Umut Genç                                    University of Cambridge and University of Manchester
  • Bilge Demirkoz                              University of Oxford
  • Cevdet Mehmet Kösemen             Goldsmiths, University of London
  • Lefteris Pitarakis                            University of Westminster

For the details of Professional Achievement Award Finalists, please watch the video here.

Entrepreneurial Award Finalists 

  • Can Türkseven                               University Cambridge
  • Neri Karra                                       University of Cambridge
  • Serter Varol                                    University of Hertfordshire

For the details of Entrepreneurial Award Finalists, please watch the video here.

Social Impact Award Finalists

  • Havva Özden Bademci                  University of East London and University of Kent
  • Massimiliano Rebaudengo            Oxford Brookes University
  • İpek Yezdani                                  City University London

For the details of Social Impact Award Finalists, please watch the video here.

Winners of 2017 awards

Professional Achievement Award Winner: Prof. Bilge DEMİRKOZ (University of Oxford)

Professor Demirkoz is a leading physicist, science outreach activist and educator in Turkey. With her team, she is building a particle irradiation facility for space radiation tests, with CERN support under the CERN associate membership – a bill she helped pass through parliament. Professor Demirkoz observes that her UK education taught her how important industrial relations are even in fundamental research. Working with companies to advance their products through research and development, not only helps them improve productivity, but also affects the economic environment. She notes that it was this conviction that helped her get through the most difficult meetings in Turkey, to convince decision makers about CERN membership. 

Entrepreneurship Award Winner: Neri KARRA (University of Cambridge)

Neri Karra is the founder of her eponymous luxury leather goods label. With manufacturing operations in Turkey and Bulgaria, and a supply network in Italy, the company has a distribution network that encompasses 14 countries and 27 stand-alone Neri Karra boutiques Neri’s business has been recognised by DSD Foreign Trade as one of the largest exporters in Turkey.

In addition to her entrepreneurial role, Neri is also Associate Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship at IESEG School of Management based in Paris and Lille, and is completing her third book on the fashion business. Neri credits her UK education with providing her with strategic and analytical skills, as well as creative thinking that allowed her to create and grow a business network, while also pursuing an academic degree.

Social Impact Award: Havva Özden BADEMCİ (University of East London and University of Kent)

Havva Özden Bademci has played a leading role in rehabilitating and protecting the needs of street children, through the establishment of the Maltepe University Research and Application Centre for Street Children (SOYAÇ). SOYAÇ is the only centre in Turkey represented in the Safe Families Safe Children International Coalition work for street children. Havva carries out national and international research studies, consultancy work, teaching activities and practical projects which are intended to build on the resilience of vulnerable children and young people. She provides psychosocial training programmes to service providers, such as correctional officers working in youth detention centres, that work with street and vulnerable children.

Both at the University of Kent and Tavistock Clinic she worked with global leading academics and practitioners. As a student she became part of an international network of scholars and clinicians who later helped her to advance her professional career. Havva observes that her studies in the UK influenced her decision to set up an inspiring Centre for Children, SOYAÇ.