The Shakespeare Shorts competition

The Shakespeare Shorts competition gave you a chance to showcase your cinematic talent to the world and take part in a global tribute to Shakespeare!

2016 was the 400th anniversary of William Shakespeare's death, and we're asking the globe to celebrate his enduring legacy by bringing him back to life through film. Using all things Shakespeare as a starting point – this could have been anything from a whole play or sonnet, to your favourite character or theme – we wanted you to create a short film, and then asked the world to vote for it.

Your video could have been anything less than 5 minutes, and so long as it’s inspired by Shakespeare in some way, and didn't contain adult content, pretty much anything goes.

Not sure how to go about making a film but inspired to have a go? British Council Film prepared a handy roundup of some of the best free software, apps and more, which you might have liked to use to help make your film here.

Each month, the top scoring entry was awarded 'video of the month'. At the end of the year, all the monthly winners were entered into a super prize draw to be crowned 'video of the year' and won a prize worthy of Shakespeare himself.

At the end of the year, one overall winner received a once in a lifetime trip to the UK with career development workshops, DSLR camera kit, an Adobe Creative Cloud account and more.