Shakespeare Among Us

“Shakespeare Among Us” is the part of Shakespeare Lives, an unprecedented global programme of events and activities celebrating William Shakespeare’s work on the occasion of the 400th anniversary of his death in 2016. 

The programme, prepared in collaboration with Açık Radyo (94.9 FM) and presented by İlksen Mavituna, producer of Açık Dergi Programme and arts and culture editor of Açık Radyo,  will be aired last Friday of every month between May –September 2016.

In order to listen to the programme live, tune in to 94.9 FM or visit  last Friday of every month. Follow the podcast of each talk on our page if you miss the programme.


1. Conversation with Tim Crouch on SpyMonkey (Turkish)

2. Shakespeare and Orchestra of The Swan (Turkish)

3. Conversation with Mustafa Kerem Yüksel on Shakespeare and Films (Turkish)

4. Shakespeare Lives Conference and Walking Cities with Kaya Genç (Turkish)

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