Technical Assistance for Promoting Gender Equality in Education

About the project

The British Council worked with educational institutions and teachers in Eastern Turkey as part of a project to eradicate sexism from textbooks and school classrooms. It was part of a two year 3.2 million euro project designed and implemented by a British Council-led consortium to promote gender equality in education in Turkey. 

In its two-years of implementation, the project delivered over 250 activities in Turkey, shaping change at policy, practitioner and public levels. We worked face-to-face with over eight thousand education leaders and teachers, 12,000 students and 1,000 parents; and reached a further 23 million people through a public awareness programme on national TV and social media. 

Project results:

At the end of the project the following outputs were achieved:

• a Gender Equality Assurance Tool for Schools (GEATS) was made available for teaching and non-teaching staff   

• the ability of the Ministry of National Education to promote a gender sensitive approach to education was improved

• a media campaign and local actions raised the awareness of students, parents, teachers and non-teaching staff on gender equality in education

Project outreach

Ankara was the base for the project. The implementation of the project took place in 10 pilot provinces including Erzurum, Batman, Samsun, İzmir, Malatya, Şanlıurfa, Karaman, Mardin, Trabzon and Sivas. 

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Please find detailed information and project outputs of ETCEP by downloading the document below.