Next Generation Research Programme

Next Generation is a research programme that gathers data to explore the needs, potential, and aspirations of young people (18-30) in Turkey. Forming part of a wider British Council series, the study seeks to analyse the conditions that support young people and harness their potential as fulfilled, productive, active citizens. It will also explore attitudes towards the UK and what we could do to become a more trusted partner for this cohort of future leaders and decision-makers.

The overall aim of Next Generation is: 

  • Understanding youth attitudes and aspirations
  • Amplifying youth voice
  • Supporting better youth policy-making

Whatever findings emerge, we hope Next Generation will form the basis for substantive discussions around youth policy, both within Turkey and the UK. By bridging the divide between young people and policy makers we can help to ensure systems truly respond to their needs and help to build more open, inclusive and prosperous societies for the future.

The British Council collaborates with Yaşama Dair Vakıf (YADA) and Gelecek Daha Net (GDN) Gençlik Platformu to deliver the research. 

Professor Ferhat Kentel from Istanbul Şehir University and Assoc. Professor Gülden Demet Lüküslü from Yeditepe University are the academic advisers to the study.

The British Council also formed an advisory board who will act as a consultative group led by İsmail Badat, Director Education and Society, British Council in Turkey, throughout the research project.  The board encompasses both internal (British Council) and external stakeholders operating at all levels of Turkish society – representation from private enterprise, third sector bodies, public sector and the academic community will offer the widest breadth of expertise, and ensure the research process is rigorous. 

  • Batuhan Aydagül, Consultant for Mother Child Education Foundation’s International Programs 
  • Hansın Doğan, Manager, UNDP Turkey 
  • Nilay Erdem, Head of Public Policy, Turkey, Facebook
  • Bülent ÖZCAN, Head of Project Implementation, Ministry for EU Affairs
  • Rümeysa Çamdereli, Reçel Blog 

Scope of the Research

Next Generation Turkey research aims to reveal the authenticities of the youth in Turkey and their similarities with the youth in other countries by focusing on the “hopes and fears” of young people. 

With this theme in mind, the research will ask the question whether young people in Turkey pass through identification processes that differentiate them from each other and urge them to close into communities, or whether they have similarities that encourage them to open up to other communities and society as a whole. 

Thus, the research will try to reveal which conflicts and tensions, along with tendencies of acceptance and embracement, emerge in the moments of encounter between young people from different backgrounds, and look for similarities in lifestyles, tastes and attitudes that make this encounter possible.  

In addition to the interaction within the youth in Turkey, the perception and attitudes of young people towards other countries, their directions, motivations and efforts in opening to the outside world will also be investigated.


1.  Exploratory Phase

1.a.Desk Study – Literature Review

1.b.Desk Study – Policy Audit

1.c.Netnography – Discoursive E-Representation of Youth

1.d.Face to Face In-depth Interviews

1.e.Roundtable Meeting with Stakeholders

2.  Quantitative Research

2.a.Turkey Representative Youth Research (Quantitative)

3.  Deep-Dive and Case Study Phase

3.a.In depth Interviews with Youth

3.b.Case study: Issue Based Cognitive Mapping with In-depth Interviews 

3.c.Roundtable Meeting with Stakeholders